Publish Sensor Readings to Google Sheets with ESP32 x BME280

It was Wednesday, 22 April 2020 around 08.00 pm, where my team and I decided to do the second and third topics together via Gmeet *again*. The second topic is about data logging, where we will learn how to record and save sensor readings to Google Sheets. By now, you may be wondering “For what?”. Well, it is an easy way to help us do weather forecasting based on previous data about the weather.

IFTTT Account

To integrate with Google Sheets using ESP32, we need to use 3rd party service like IFTTT. To begin, I made a new account on

Add row to spreadsheet, and named the spreadsheet with “BME280_Readings” > Create action

After creating new applet, we need to test our applet first before proceeding with the project.

Test Our Applet

Then, I opened my Google Drive that shares the same email with my IFTTT account…

We can see that inside my Drive, the IFTTT service have created a folder called “IFTTT” with the “BME280_Readings” spreadsheet inside. When I opened the spreadsheet, we can see the values I’ve filled previously to test the applet, as shown in below picture.

Next, we continued to integrate the IFTTT Google Sheets with ESP32.

Here’s the code that can be found within the randomnerd page:

Then, we uploaded the program into ESP32, opened Serial Monitor at the baud rate of 115200, and pressed the ESP32 EN button…

After that, I opened the “BME280_Readings” spreadsheet in my Drive… and we can see that the sensor readings have been successfully published on Google Sheets :D

And here’s the video:

Thank you for reading, and see you on another blog! 😄

Information System and Technology Student at Institut Teknologi Bandung.