BMP180 Temperature and humidity readings in OLED display using an ESP32

For the fifth project, we are assigned to combine two of our previous projets, which are sensor and display. Our lecturer (Pak Soni) told us to try the experiment with different variety of sensor and display that we’ve used in the third and fourth project. In our case, we have to use other sensor aside from DHT11 and display aside from LCD. So we chose to go with BMP180 and OLED (Thanks to Denny, our very kindly friend who lent us both sensor and display that we need for this project).

Unlike all of our previous projects where we precisely followed all the instructions written on the page, in this project we need to combine the instructions written on both pages from randomnerdtutorials:


Here’s a list of parts that we need to prepare :

Following the steps written on both pages, there were some libraries that we need to install (from Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries) :

Combining the two schematic diagrams above, we managed to arrange the circuit that looked like this :

BMP180 x OLED x ESP32

Here’s above wiring scheme :

Here’s screenshots of the code :

We uploaded the program into ESP32, and this is what happened :

We can see that the temperature and humidity readings are displayed on the OLED. It showed the temperature, pressure and altitude of our current location, which was in CC Barat ITB. Cool, isn’t it? :D

Thank you for reading, and see you on another blog! 😄